About the P.R.O.H.L.

About the P.R.O.H.L.

The P.R.O.H.L. is a hockey league located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada consisting of 224 players aged 35 to over 70. The players are divided into 4 Junior Division teams, 6 Intermediate Division teams, and 4 Senior Division teams.

Most games are played at the Kinsmen Civic Centre. (Check the schedule for more information on locations and game times).

A Bit Of the History of the P.R.O.H.L.

The P.R.O.H.L., one of the longest-running oldtimer hockey leagues in Canada, was started by John Gouett in 1974 with six teams playing Friday nights at the Kinsmen arena in Peterborough, Ontario. Many other local Oldtimer tournament teams were started from this League. As well, International Oldtimers Hockey grew out of this league and the first Canadian Oldtimers Hockey Tournament was held here in Peterborough in February of 1974-75.

The reason oldtimer hockey starts at age 35 is because John Gouett was 35 when he started the League and says he didn’t want anyone younger than him in the League.

Although the League has since expanded to 14 teams with 224 players in three age divisions, it has remained successful because of its emphasis on fun, fair play and a strong leaning towards the recreational player.

Two of the founding members are current players in the League (2006-2007 season) and two of the original referees are still with the League.

Players: Referees:
Ron Bailey
Jim Gillogly
Greg Marchen
Mike Girard

Ron Bailey and Jim Gillogly have been in the League for all 25 years.

There is a plaque at the Kinsmen arena listing the names of the “original six” teams and the 90 founding members.

As well as serving its players, the League has endeavoured to serve the community. In recent years the Peterborough Recreational Oldtimer Hockey League had donated $10 000 to the Evinrude Centre and has supported other worthy causes such as the Knights of Columbus Food Bank Bowling, Camp Northern Lights, Five Counties Children’s Centre, Brock St. Mission and Cameron House .

To raise funds the League holds an annual hockey tournament in March.

The 1998/1999 season was the Peterborough Recreational Oldtimer Hockey League’s 25th anniversary season and we held our reunion/celebration on the final night of the season, April 2, 1999. Several of the founding League members (from the 1974/75 inaugural season) joined with us at the Kinsmen arena for the ceremonial face-off and the evening’s festivities.

That same evening the League presented Don Smith with a cheque for $2500 as our donation to the Peterborough Heart Catheter Fund.


The Photo:
League founder, John Gouett, drops the puck for the P.R.O.H.L.’s 25th anniversary reunion held April 2, 1999. Team rep Wayne Lucas takes the face-off with one of the League’s oldest players, Gord Fennell. Behind John & Wayne, Dave Smith accepts the League’s $2500 donation to the Heart Catheter Fund from 1999 Tournament Convenor, Peter Ward. Others in the photo include several players from the original six teams.

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